Rabu, 03 Juni 2015

Going To East Java (Recount Text)

Written by Denissa Febryanti W IX A and posted by Admin Blog

      Last year, we had a study tour to East Java.
Before going there, I bought some t-shirt, trourest, bag shoes, snack, and drinks. I go accompany my soon. I go at 07.45 a.m. I sat with cholifah and anita. On the bus, I listen to song in order that not surfeited . in all along, my friend Fade. Arrives my trousers struck the vomit. I oncean clean my trouser with water drink. At 04.00 p.m we bath in restaurant now ever cool, but we verry happy. After bath we pay. After bath, we breakfast.
     The first object I visited was religion Bonang grave in Tuban, East Java. I visit a sacred place Bonang Grave. Visit a sacred leat my headmaster, make a devotional go on respect.
The second object I visited apple argo in Malang and went to center shoppong and restaurant in Brawijaya, Kediri East Java. After that, I continoue travelled to Jatim Park two. In Jatom Park, we saw animal. The animals is Snake, Girrafe, Lion, Birds, Seol, Turtle, Rabbit and Verry much. We there did not chance went to played place and we only saw animals. After that, we played various game. We enter in made house ghost. I verry sacred and laugh. Because my friend feel. And un enter are soons starling we. After that we bought drinks because we thristy. After that, we saw show seal. We laugh saw action seal. After that, we bought souvenir t-shirt, and sandal.
     Finally we go soekarno grave. We finish at 07.30 a.m. because we still sleep in crease we not spirit. In soekarno grave. After that, we dinner. I not dinner because I not hungry. After all dinner I buy meatball. On bus my friend after finish dinner and I new eat the meatball. In road we play guitar and sing. At 06.00 p.m we finish in SMP 1 Kayen.

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