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Unity In Diversity

Written and posted By P Damin
Honorable the juries/the audience
Honorable the teachers of junior high school from ..............
And my beloved friends,
Assalamualaikum  Wrwb.
Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good Evening.
Thanks for the time that given to me, let me introduce myself. My name is .................. I’m from ...................
At this chance, I am going to make speech entitle “Unity in Deversity

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Indonesia is a very big country with a large area. It is located between two continents:  Asia continent and Australia continent.  It is also located between two oceans: Pacific Ocean and Hindia Ocean. Indonesia consists of 13.667 islands with about 250.000.000 populations.
            With a big amount of populations who live in different Islands and provinces, Indonesian people have different tribes, different cultures, different religions, and different languages, different songs, difference dances and different traditional houses.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            There are many tribes such as Java, Bali, Sunda in West Sumatra, Batak in Sumatra, Dayak in Kalimantan, Madura, Maluku, Asmat tribes in Irian Jaya. There are five religions which are allowed by the government: Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Buddha. Javanese speak Java language. Balinese speak Bali language. People who live at a certain area with their tribes use their own languages to communicate with others.
Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            Central Java has Gambyong Dance, traditional Joglo house and most of the people speak Java language. West Java has Jaipong dance, traditional kasepuhan house and most of the people speak Sunda language. West Sumatra has Lilin  dance, rumah gadang and they speak Melayu language.
Although we have different things, we have one flag: red and white. We have one national language … Indonesian language. We have one state, one nation and one country: Indonesia. Should we separate from the others because of different language? Should we separate because of different tribes, songs, and dance cultures? Should we fight to each other because of different religions, skin color and form of hair?

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,      
We have to put the differences away and take the similarities. We need peace. We need energy, mind, human resources and a lot of fund to build our nation in order to be strong and welfare. By hard studying, By hard working, and By hard building  of this nation  hard, the Indonesian people will have enough food, drink, clothes and shelter.
The Indonesia people and the government have Pancasila, UUD 1945, and Bhinneka Tunggal Eka. Even though we are different, we have one mother land that is Indonesia. We have to defense our country from enemies. Unity in Diversity. Once a gain I say Unity in Diversity.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            A motto says to day must be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than to day. So… let’s build our nation together for the better future.  

            I think that,s all. Thank you very much for your attention. I’m sorry for my mistakes and see you later.
Assalamualaikum wrwb.

big : large : great : vast                                    :  besar
country : state : nation                                                : negara
is located                                                         : terletak  
continents                                                        : benua
oceans                                                             : samudera
consists of                                                       : terdiri dari
islands                                                             : pulau
about  : approximatly : around                        : kira-kira
populations : resident                                      : penduduk
different                                                          : berbeda
people : person : human : mankind                 : manusia
tribes                                                               : suku  
languages                                                       : bahasa
song                                                                 : lagu
dance                                                               : tarian
central java                                                      : Jawa Tengah
speak : talk                                                      : berbicara
most of                                                            : kebanyakan dari       
although                                                          : meskipun
separate from                                                  : terpisah dari
the others                                                        : yang lain
because of                                                       : dikarenakan oleh
cultures                                                            : kebudayaan
fight                                                                : berkelahi
religions                                                           : agama
skin color                                                         : warna kulir
form of hair                                                     : bentuk rambut
have to                                                            : harus
put the differences away                                : membuang perbedaan
similarities                                                       : kemiripan
need : require                                                  : membutuhkan
peace.                                                              : damai
mine                                                                : pertambangan
human resources                                              : sumber daya manusia
fund                                                                : dana
build                                                                : membangun
in order to                                                       : supaya
strong                                                              : kuat
welfare                                                            : sejahtera
shelter.                                                             : perlindungan
government                                                     : pemerintah
eventhough                                                     : meskipun, walaupun
defense                                                            ; mempertahankan

let’s                                                                 : mari kita

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